How To Measure Up For A New Pedestrian Gate

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If you are looking to buy a new wooden side gate for your property, you will need to know how to measure up and get the correct size.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you get it right, every time!

How To Measure Up If No Posts Are Present

  1. Start by measuring the overall gap.
  2. Take an accurate measurement from the top and bottom of the opening, where appropriate, as these may differ.
  3. Always use the narrowest measurement.
  4. Where possible, we recommend fitting the posts before measuring. However, if this is not possible, deduct the post sizes from your overall measurement, allow 10mm clearance gap either side of the gate and this leaves the size of your gate.

So, for example, your narrowest measurement is 1100mm. Take off the post sizes from this measurement (100mm posts for this job). 1100mm – 200mm = 900mm. Take off the 20mm clearance (10mm either side) = 880mm. This is the width of your gate.

The height of the gate is entirely up to you. Standard gates are normally 1.8m high, however you can have whatever you like. Just remember that the gate will need to be approx. 20mm up from the ground to allow it to open and close freely.

Finally, tell us if your gate hangs from the left hand side or right hand side as you face the nice front side of the gate. If it is over 1.0m wide it will be “A” braced which allows it to hang either side.

How To Measure Up With The Posts In

  1. Measure the gap between the posts, again measure the top gap and the bottom one. Deduct 20mm from this size and that’s your finished gate size.

For example. The narrowest measurement is 850mm between the posts. Take off the 20mm for clearance = 830mm. That’s it!

For example. The narrowest measurement is 850mm between the posts. Take off the 20mm for clearance = 830mm. That’s it!

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